Toby Purrs for all the Right Reasons

I would like to tell you about a little cat that I met a few weeks ago. Toby was admitted into our hospital after being hit by a car. When I first saw Toby, he was resting comfortably in an intensive care pen, but it was hard not to notice the large, blue bruise on his belly. The fur on his belly had been clipped the day before when Toby was rushed into Theatre for life-saving surgery.

When Toby first presented, our vet was on hand to examine him. Toby was purring, but not for the right reasons. Cats will often purr when they are distressed… and Toby was definitely distressed.  Toby’s right hind leg was injured but the vet was more concerned that Toby was having difficulty breathing. There was an abnormal bulge on Toby’s left side and the vet could feel that Toby’s internal organs were not where they should be.

Toby xray

Being the weekend, our surgical unit was closed. Nevertheless, the Theatre was opened and prepared for Toby’s emergency surgery. When the vet opened Toby up, she could see the extent of his injuries. Without going into too much detail (not good for those who are squeamish!), Toby’s injuries caused his intestines to move up, crowding his lungs and compromising his ability to breath. Our vet and nurse worked hard to repair the damage caused by the car… and they did an amazing job!

Toby was nursed intensively for the next 48 hours. His recovery was smooth and speedy and soon he was moved out of intensive care and into our hospital cat ward.  Toby needed a second surgery to repair his leg and, a week later, the vets decided he was well enough to undergo the surgery. Amazingly, two days after this surgery, Toby was already starting to use his injured leg again!

While he was our patient, I was a regular visitor! It was so lovely to see him happy and comfortable. He loved the attention and would tell you with his loud purrs… happy purrs…finally, purrs for all the right reasons…



Update: Toby spent a few weeks with one of our amazing foster parents, resting and recovering from his accident. With the care and comfort provided by his foster carers, Toby was finally ready to find his “forever home”. Toby was recently made available for adoption and found his “forever” home within 24 hours!


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