Rosie the Sweet Dog with Sore Eyes

Meet Rosie; a sweet, quiet dog who recently came into our care. Rosie was brought into our hospital via our Animal Ambulance. Her coat was dirty and a little rough but it was her eyes that were the real problem. A thick crusty discharge had dried over her eyes glueing both eyes shut & tangling filthy hair into the mess. The little dog couldn’t open her eyes, let alone see out of them.


But why had Rosie’s eyes crusted over? Rosie has a condition called Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS), more commonly known as dry eye. As the name suggests, the eyes become dry because of a decreased production of tears. Producing tears is essential for eye health as the tears lubricate the cornea (surface of the eye) and surrounding tissues. Tears also aid in removing any debris that comes in contact with the eyes.

Rosie’s condition is a classic example of what happens when dry eye is left untreated. Rosie had developed painful ulcers on her right cornea and both eyes were red and inflamed. Our Vet immediately gave Rosie some pain relief to ease her discomfort before starting her on two different types of eye drops.

With her eyes cleared and treatment commenced, Rosie was settled into a comfortable pen in our hospital ward. She was very quiet and a little sad. Our Volunteers paid special attention to Rosie and ensured that she received plenty of cuddles and walks outside the hospital.

Rosie has gradually come out of her shell and has started to show signs of feeling better. Our Nurses and Volunteers tempted her with yummy food and she started to enjoy the treats and affection. Rosie is a favorite of ours and although her eyes are still uncomfortable, she is definitely on the road to recovery…. and that’s great news for such a sweet little dog.

Rosie 2

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