Gemima’s Donut Treatment

Gemima 2

When I get to work in the morning, I like to walk through each ward and check on our patients. Imagine my delight when I came across this sign on a kitten’s pen; “Can have monitored donut breaks”…

Can have monitored donut breaks????? What?!?@?!? Well, if I ever get sick that is definitely the kind of treatment I want! But, of course, we are not periodically offering our patients cinnamon donuts… the sign was referring to the blue inflatable tube around Gemima’s neck.

The blue inflatable “donut” is a type of collar that is fitted around the animal’s neck to prevent them from worrying at a wound or suture line. If you look at Gemima’s back end, you will notice that her right hind leg has been amputated.

Gemima was brought into our hospital in severe pain with grazes to the face and a leg that was basically pointing the wrong way. X-rays identified the seriousness of Gemima’s situation.

Gemima 3 Gemima 4

Gemima’s femoral head (top of her long leg bone) was fractured and sitting out of the hip joint. The second x-ray highlighted the twist in Gemima’s swollen foot and indicated some fractures to her metatarsals (bones in the foot).  The Vets discussed her case extensively and decided that a leg amputation was the best treatment for Gemima.

Gemima 5

Gemima’s surgery went smoothly and her recovery was incredibly quick. This photo of Gemima is only a couple of days post-surgery. Isn’t she gorgeous!

Gemima 6

Gemima’s drain and sutures are now out and she is convalescing comfortably in foster care. Soon enough Gemima will be ready for her forever home… and, in fact, Gemima already has a lovely couple waiting patiently to adopt her.  And they are a lucky couple because she is worth the wait!

Gemima 7

Rohan Hughes

RSPCA Vet Nurse



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